Spain, Travel

Travel Throwback: Plaza de España (2017)

Hello! I’ve got one week of quarantine left officially (read my story here), so I figure now is a good time to share some of my favourite travel snaps from back when travelling was actually a thing. I hope you enjoy them, because from next week, this blog is going to be focused much more on my life in Copenhagen (get in touch if you have any questions about Denmark, by the way).

Also, thanks for all your support on my journey so far and reaching out to me with empathy and kindness. I’m shocked some of you actually read my posts. I started this page with the intention of documenting what is for me a huge life change, maybe sharing with a couple of friends, and also just to have a little corner of the cloud that I can treat like a void for passing moods and thoughts. Anything more is a bonus, and your responses have not let me down on that front 🙂

Anyway, here are a couple of photos that were taken in Plaza de España in Sevilla, Spain. I recall heading to this place just in time for sunset – I was lucky to see it in such a lovely light because I was only staying the night in Sevilla and wouldn’t have had time to visit otherwise!

Golden hour is just magnificent, isn’t it?


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