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The Black Diamond, Copenhagen

First things first. What is The Black Diamond? It’s this onyx-like structure which is an extension of the Royal Danish Library. Take a look below.

It’s got some nice views facing the waterfront:

When you face away from the water, you face the Danish War Museum which is just across the road from The Black Diamond.

Do keep scrolling, because the coolest features of this building are yet to come.

Inside this building is a massive open hall that reaches all the way up…
And up…
And up.
This photo kind of looks like one of those impossible M.C. Escher illusions to me, ha
Really liked all the interesting views from each floor of this place.
The views by the water cycling back out weren’t too bad either.

23 thoughts on “The Black Diamond, Copenhagen

  1. JanHanPhoto says:

    I love Denmark and enjoyed visiting Copenhagen quite a few years ago and it has probably changes some. I don’t remember the black onyx. I can’t wait to return but I don’t know when.

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  2. Love the view! Nice article. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’•

    Denmark was one in my Euro trip plan to visit late last year but flight cancelled. Hope to visit this happy place in the future. πŸ‘£

    Liked by 2 people

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