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Travel Throwback: La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona (2018)

I was going to create one post for my entire Barcelona trip from a few years back, but realised these photos I took at La Sagrada Familia deserve their own showcase.

If you’ve heard of or been to Barcelona, chances are you recognise this impressive Gaudi church by silhouette if nothing else. Construction began in 1882 and has yet to be completed. Inside, you are transported to an other-worldly environment, with the sun flooding in from the outside and the most vivid stained glass tinting the light as it hits the floor. Just take a look at this awe-inspiring place:

Not very much editing done on these photos – the colours are as vibrant in real life as you see them here on screen!


22 thoughts on “Travel Throwback: La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona (2018)

  1. Simply exquisite! I love how the natural and artificial sources of light complement each other. My own church has beautiful architecture and stained glass, but super-white LED lighting was installed a few years back. The light coming from outside and inside does not match. Amazing photos, as always. Blessings.

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  2. These are amazing photos! I have read about this ongoing dedication to finish this majestic church…more a cathedral with spires and an artistic venue that cannot be compared. Some of my father’s distant relatives come from Northern Spain from the providence of Catalonia. Thank you for sharing!

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  3. If you’re curious about the structural design, look up “funicular structures.” The Sagrada Familia was designed in part with suspended chains and bags of sand. To engineer something similar today requires computer calculations.

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