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Euro-roadtrip Day 4: Dijon, France (Part 1)

Though it was sad saying goodbye to Bordeaux after a brief but unforgettable love affair with the place (haha), Dijon was a lovely surprise. It’s again another one of those places where its reputation precedes the actual experience. When people think Dijon, they just tend to think ‘Dijon mustard’. It’s a small city with a lot to offer. The old town, a designated UNESCO world heritage site, is a clean and pedestrianized area full of Renaissance-style houses and distinctive architecture with geometric glazed mosaic roofs characteristic of the Burgundy region. We enjoyed strolling around the picturesque old city. I took plenty of photos here – I may have to separate this re-cap into two posts.

Stay tuned for more pictures from this charming city in my next re-cap post 🙂


8 thoughts on “Euro-roadtrip Day 4: Dijon, France (Part 1)

  1. Were all these photos taken recently? I’m gobstopped by the sight of people sitting at an outdoor cafe, with only a few people wearing masks, no plexiglas screens, no exceptional attempts at social distancing. Maybe this is a reflection of how much better Europe has handled the pandemic than the US? (My younger daughter reported similar experiences in Montreal—no masks worn outdoors, people sitting outside drinking and enjoying the summer.) I love your photos and have enjoyed following your journey to Denmark and beyond. Take care!

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    • They were taken at the end of August. Things started really escalating in France by that point though, and by the time we left I think they did change the law to extend mask-wearing to all public spaces, but if you are sat down in a cafe or restaurant you are allowed to take it off. But yes you are right, it does seem quite relaxed and here in Denmark people are extremely averse to mask-wearing still. Thanks for dropping by!


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