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Views from Maersk Tower, Københavns Universitet

I feel privileged to work in two of the best buildings/complexes of the university campus – my office space which is in the heart of the center, near the botanical gardens, and Panum, which is where I have my gym and teaching related duties.

And let me tell you…the award-winning Maersk tower in Panum by C.F. Møller architects in the Panum complex has, I think, the best views of the city. You heard it here first! 😉 I’ll share with you some exclusive shots from the viewpoint at the top of the tower below…

I know, these views practically motivate me to come into university all the time 🙂 Please do check back on my page for my next post, which will showcase some sunset photos from this building!


19 thoughts on “Views from Maersk Tower, Københavns Universitet

  1. Thanks for sharing your office. You have so many photos, I feel like we were on an “actual” 390 degree tour with you “in person!” I live in Chicago, no Int’l travel right now, so it’s nice to feel like Europe is close by! Next stop a coffee shop in Copenhagen.

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      • Same for you, I hope you make it to Chicago. Right now, it’s a bit of a ghost town, people working remotely… BUT that makes it nice, no lines and you can walk everywhere without bumping into people. That’s NICE! Come in the Spring when the snow has melted. 🙂

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  2. This place is close to my prev workplace across Rigshospitalet. There were so many scandals regarding construction og the Mærsk tower tho. Things that weren’t built properly, water leak everywhere and it cost a lot more (700 million kroner more) than it was originally budgeted. It has become a running joke among the construction people on how NOT to build a building lol

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