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Halloween at Tivoli

I’m back with a post about Tivoli! This time, you’ll notice that the place has been done up with autumn and halloween-related decorations. As usual, I was very impressed with how well kept and nicely decorated it was. Have a look below!


10 thoughts on “Halloween at Tivoli

  1. That would have been wonderful. Great images!
    I didn’t go into Tivoli when there; it was freezing so we just walked around it instead.. We could also see it from our Hotel. So sweet. 🙂
    However, I can imagine what fun it must have been for you at this time of year!

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  2. But in these pictures it looked very empty, probably because you took it in the middle of night.
    And some of these things look really expensive and impressive. Especially the car(r)ousel.
    I imagine someone must have taken a lot of time to make these things.
    And one of the pumpkins looks a little sad. Up there on the pedestal or pillar.
    You know which one. ❤ 😀
    And this big red ribbon or loop next to the asian palace, is that a roller coaster?
    Looks pretty tough if you ask me, I wouldn't ride that thing. I like my life, thanks. 🙂
    And the two angles are also interesting. It is always good to view things from multiple perspectives.
    But you are the photographer and of course know all this.
    Thanks for having you! 💜

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