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Nyhavn, Copenhagen (Christmas lights edition)

Tomorrow, a partial lockdown begins in Copenhagen, with restaurants, entertainment venues, schools, and workplaces going totally digital. It’s a sad day in the city, but we have been extremely fortunate to have a full autumn without a lockdown! And the city looks beautiful as ever, so lockdown walks are going to be lovely. So, what better way to kick off the Christmas-themed posts than with a dazzling array of Christmas-lights pictures at the beautiful Nyhavn?! It’s been a full half year since I shared photos from this lovely area, which in non-corona times would be absolutely teeming with tourists. This year the area is emptier than usual (but still quite a lot of pedestrians), and the Christmas market was of course cancelled…but it’s still looking lovely with all the decorations that have been put up. Have a look below 🙂

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Frederiksborg Slot (Take 3)

Welcome to another ‘Sunday Museum’! This will be the final instalment of my entries on Frederiksborg Slot (click here to see the castle chapel and here for the gardens). The inside of this castle will show you why this place rivals the ornateness of Versailles – there are so many different rooms, decorations, and details that get lost in this big place. I did try to capture some of the details that drew my eye, so have a look below and watch the details get progressively more complex!

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Bispebjerg Cemetery, Copenhagen

I mentioned in an earlier blogposts that cemeteries are really something else in Copenhagen – they’re akin to parks, well manicured, garden-like, and utilised also for recreational purposes. Simply beautiful green spaces to stroll around in. I’ve shown you the famous Assistens Kierkegaard, which is located in Nørrebro, and now I will share with you Bispebjerg Cemetery, which is further up north from Nørrebro. It’s quite a distance away from the city centre, but if you’re looking for a bit of tranquil within access to the city, this is definitely the spot to visit. I heard it’s lovely in the spring time with cherry blossoms, so I’ll be sure to return next year!

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Roskilde, Denmark

I’m still not caught up on all my autumn-themed pictures…but I’ve decided to squeeze in a couple more autumn posts before the Christmas posts kick in 🙂 I took a day trip to Roskilde one weekend a while back and took some photos – the weather really wasn’t great, but there were a couple moments where the sun peeked out. It’s a cute, quiet little city – you can definitely walk around the town centre in a couple of hours. It was totally dead when we arrived (it was a Sunday) but nevertheless it was nice to explore a new place! I loved all the brickwork and the strong reds and yellows in the town surroundings.